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Trauma Support Services of North Texas, Inc
Trauma Support Services of North Texas, Inc
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Trauma Support Services of North Texas will host a Fall Fundraising Brunch on
FROM 10:00 am to 11:30 am
Sheraton Arlington Hotel
1500 Convention Center Dr., Arlington, TX 76011
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Join us to celebrate and be thankful for the triumph
TSSNT brings to people's lives after trauma.
Share brunch with us and hear client's inspiring stories.
If you are unable to attend but would like to support TSSNT, CLICK HERE TO DONATE NOW


You may have wondered how the Suicide Survivors transition into Trauma Support Services of North Texas has progressed since the spring of 2013.  The primary difference has been that many survivors have chosen to begin with individual counseling rather than a group.
For the previous three years before the transition, Suicide Survivors had offered 5 groups per year with about 10 people starting a group (50 per year) and about 8 people finishing (40 per year).  Between April 1 and December 31, 2013 (first 9 months), TSSNT served 43 adult suicide survivors (26 in individual therapy and 17 in groups).  Small children in some of these families have participated in play therapy, and older children have received either individual therapy or participated in Grief and Trauma Intervention groups.  Statistics for 2014 will be compiled at the end of this year.
Two trainings on the new Suicide Survivors Trauma Grief Curriculum have been held with 30 attending the first training and 26 attending the second one. Many of those persons are former Suicide Survivors co-facilitators.  In addition, TSSNT offered workshops titled "Suicide:  Prevention, Survivor Assessment and Support, and Spiritual Issues" in Arlington and Dallas this Spring.   TSSNT has just ordered its second printing of Suicide Survivor Program brochures for distribution to area funeral homes.
TSSNT is offering another Suicide Trauma Grief group beginning September 10, 2014.  If interested, see information below.



What is Trauma Grief?
~Groups for Survivors of Homicide and Other Sudden Deaths
Trauma grief is the unique experience of family and friends of those whose death was not anticipated.  It came suddenly.  Your loved one's body may have been injured traumatically. The death may have been someone's choice, either an intentional or a negligent choice. The criminal justice system may be involved.  Because the death was not planned, financial burdens may now be heavy and, if you are a person of faith, you may feel that your personal spirituality is shattered.  All of these aspects can significantly complicate grief and mourning.
~Groups for Survivors of Suicide
Suicide is among the top five causes of death for persons under the age of 45 in the United States.  More people die from suicide than from motor vehicle fatalities.  You are not alone.
Suicide Survivors often question why their loved ones took their own lives, whether there was something they could have said or done to prevent their death, and how to continue without them. While death and grief are normal processes in life, the death of someone to suicide is a much different experience than losing someone to more natural circumstances. The grieving process can be confusing and complicated for suicide survivors.
~Groups for Children and Youth
Children between 2nd and 12th grade who have lost a loved one to a traumatic death such as, homicide, suicide, vehicular crash, drowning, or other sudden deaths.   Other appropriate referrals include children who witnessed a death even though it may have been expected, or continue to be troubled by a death.
The eight sessions of TSSNT's Trauma Grief Group series can help guide survivors through their unique grieving process, with a focus on strengthening and restoring their sense of inner resilience.
All groups consist of 8 weekly sessions from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. each Wednesday from September 10, 2014 through October 29, 2014.
All groups beginning in September will be held at
Trauma Support Services
1000 Bonnie Brae Avenue
Fort Worth, Texas 76111
Participants must complete an intake with Trauma Support Services staff in order to enroll. For an intake or information about the next group, please contact us:
[ email ]
There is no fee for group sessions.

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