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Trauma Support Services of North Texas, Inc
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According to the latest information
available, I. D. Theft is growing
exponentially in America.
For example, in Florida, the dollar volume of
I. D. Theft is now higher than the dollar
volume of drug traffic.
Texas ranks third highest in the occurrence of cases reported.
We are now approaching tax time.
It is expected that over one million false
income tax returns for tax year 2013
will be filed in 2014. Unfortunately there is
very little personal protection available. In fact,
until we as a society are willing to commit more
resources for prosecution of I. D. Theft,
the problem will most likely
continue to get worse.
Here are some steps you can take if you suspect you have been a victim of I. D. Theft:
     1. If you need help preparing your tax return, be careful in your selection of tax preparers. Information given to an unscrupulous preparer can prove to be very costly.
     2. Call your City Attorney. Be aware that there are limited resources available in many cities. In Dallas, for example, only one attorney is assigned to I. D. Theft,
         even though it's the fourth largest city in America.
     3. Contact the IRS Identity Theft Division:
         a. Call 1-800-908-4490;
         b. Visit
     4. Contact Trauma Support Services of North Texas:
         a. Dallas Area phone: 972-709-4904;

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